Feb/March 2017



You’ve survived the post-holiday January slump and, now that those unrealistic resolutions have been broken and shelved, you can get on with doing what needs to be done to make 2017 your best business year yet. Perhaps you’re just out of the starting blocks, and full of the vigour and optimism that comes with launching a new enterprise… sure, it’s going to be hard work, but with the tactics and techniques we’ve rounded up in our article HITTING A CENTURY, we’re confident you’ll lay down solid foundations for growth in those first 100 days.

Maybe you feel more like you’ve been in business for a hundred years… and whether you’re “doing well” on paper or not, you’re in a rut. Recognising this is the first important step towards change, and in SHAKE UP YOUR BUSINESS NOW  we introduce some simple ways that you can inject new colour into your business. It could be finding a mentor, someone you trust to advise you through a key challenge, or someone whose industry contacts can give you the boost you need. Or perhaps it’s time for a rebrand – the opportunity to breathe new life into your business or product, which, when actioned with a focus on strategy, can deliver significant commercial benefit. This is where Your Business magazine found itself towards the end of last year, at a point where the team knew that a rebrand was well overdue. Working together with marketing and design experts from Over the Rainbow, we were able to go through a journey that has given our publication a fresh new look that embodies everything we’re about and which we’re very excited to introduce. We hope you like it too and look forward to your feedback – drop us a line at

One of our authors encourages entrepreneurs to be extraordinary, which means to go above and beyond what is expected. Whether it’s delivering on your promises, adding value, introducing innovation or putting clients first, we hope that this issue’s articles give you that added motivation to go forth and be extraordinary.

Some further highlights in the February/March 2017 issue:


Ferdie van Greunen, MD of Aldes Business Brokers, predicts a bumper year for his team of experts…

How to set high-priority goals
Your Business interviews Dr John Demartini, one of the world’s leading authorities on human behaviour and personal development.

Are you in, or are you on?
Why your approach to how you work at your business is so essential…

Setting goals by (business) life stage
Set goals that align with where you’re at…

Apps that will help you achieve work-life balance
There’s an app for everything. Here we share a few to help achieve the ever sought-after “balance”. We hope you manage to achieve it.

Right sales process
Were you happy with your sales in 2016? If not, what went wrong?

Firing the wrong client can bring the right business
We all have clients with unrealistic expectations and inconsistent feedback…



Starting a Kiddie-orientated business BUSINESS: Is it child’s play?
There’s no doubt that the sector is booming, but what does it take to establish a sustainable child-related enterprise?

Do your homework
You’ve narrowed down the field to a kiddie-related franchise, now follow some tips on choosing a specific one.

Featured opportunities in the kids’ market – you might just find the opportunity you’ve been waiting for…


This bumper section features hot opportunities such as Aldes Business Brokers, Digit Vehicle Tracking,
JG Electronics, Cash Crusaders, Snap-on, Only Realty, Dial-a-Picnic, My Mobi Car Wash, Zhauns Business Opportunities
and more. Read for franchises, licences, agencies and biz opps to suit all budgets.


…plus much much more. Get your copy in-store or digital edition here today.


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