December 2017/January 2018



After the first RocoMamas opened in Randburg, founder Brian Altriche spent most of his days just sitting in the store and observing what happened. This helped him to get a feel on the ground for what his customers were experiencing.Today he still does the same.

This nugget was shared at the annual FNB Franchising Leadership Summit held at the end of November in Johannesburg, where South Africa’s big franchises took centre stage under the theme of “exponential growth”, and industry leaders unpacked four perspectives of this growth, including entrepreneurship, brand, employment and personal growth. In this issue, our bumper franchising edition, we include articles around these topics, all of which pertain to business owners across the spectrum. If you’re an entrepreneur considering franchising, be sure to read this issue to discover whether you’re cut out to be a franchisee, or if blue-sky pursuits are more your thing. If you decide to go ahead, we’ve an array of over 100 hot opportunities to choose from; which you can thoroughly evaluate with the help of our “Ask the right questions piece”. All too often it comes down to the right fit – and that’s something that both franchisors and franchisees need to pay attention to from the outset.

As we close off 2017 and turn the corner into the New Year, I am sure many of you have a goal to make the year ahead your most profitable one yet. What strategic moves are you putting in place to ensure this happens? We ask some business owners that very question, and of course we welcome your thoughts too – email us at

In this complex and ever-changing world in which we’re doing business, I took great comfort from Altriche’s simple strategy to sit in his store and watch his customers. You can only control those four walls, and your consumers’ experience, he says. If you keep your customer at the centre, business owner, you simply can’t go too far wrong.

Wishing you a restful festive break,
Nicole Cameron and the Your Business team

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