Aug/Sept 2017



It’s August and there’s the temptation to bring out the pink and the pedicures and give women in business a pat on the back for being so good (as an all-women team here we know we’re good) but we resisted because… 2017? Is it really necessary to differentiate between what men and women seemingly contribute equally on a daily basis? While research shows that the struggle still continues in the corporate sector, in our circle of entrepreneurship we see nothing but female success stories. In this issue we celebrate some wonder women who represent African entrepreneurs, just three of thousands of truly inspirational individuals who are proving it is possible to build significant businesses, often in male-dominated sectors. And never has our continent needed them more. Women invest their success in family,community and other businesses, understand the value of mentorship and become much-needed role models for future generations.

Also in this issue we’ve focused on the topic of resilience – the ability to recover quickly from obstacles that threaten to upset the apple cart – a trait that all successful business owners appear to wield as their secret weapon. Read more about how being able to bounce back can help you in your business journey. And share your stories of how of you overcame setbacks too – we’d love to hear from you.

Another key element in building a great business is knowing what you can do, and what you can’t – and getting the right experts in place to plug the holes. Our Business Booster feature explores what it takes to help you find the tools and resources you need, as well as rounding up some support businesses that might offer just the right solution.

And, if you’re keen to invest in a business but feel you don’t have the millions it takes, you may well be pleasantly surprised at what you can find in our Under 400k feature.

Enjoy the read (and the pedicure, ladies)
The Your Business Magazine team

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