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Keeping it local with business partnerships

It’s not just guests who benefit from the launch of hotel properties, an average-sized hotel of 115 rooms is an immense undertaking from construction to post-launch operational activities that benefits entire communities. A construction project may take over a year to complete, involving hundreds of skilled labourers and construction professionals. Once complete, a hotel will […]

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How to collect debts (and keep your customers)

Ensure healthy cash flow as well as long-term loyalty. Debt collection is a painful but necessary function. And while slow-paying customers place enormous pressure on your cash flow, you stand a very real chance of losing them as customers forever if you, or your accounts team, handle the matter badly. (more…)

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Mind the entrepreneurial gender gap

According to the latest WEF gender gap report, while all world regions record a narrower overall gender gap than they did 11 years ago, South Africa has slipped backwards, falling from 18th place in 2006 to 19th in 2017. On the score of Economic participation and opportunity, the country has slipped ten places from 79th to 89th. “This should […]

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