Giuliani’s 6 leadership principles

Rudy Giuliani

Rudy Giuliani speaking at the Discovery Invest Leadership Summit 2010

Speaking at the Discovery Invest Leadership Summit held at the Sandton Convention Centre in August, Rudy Giuliani, the former mayor of New York, outlined six key principles that are needed for effective leadership.

1. Strong beliefs

Leaders use their minds, experience and instincts to work out where they should be going and then with this view firmly in mind they drive their team or business in that direction. As business owners you need goals and objectives, “otherwise you are just wandering”, he explained.

2. Optimism

People will follow leaders who offer hope of a solution to the problems around us. Train yourself to be a problem solver, rather than someone who focuses on the question or dilemma at hand. You won’t always win, but this sense of optimism and the knowledge that obstacles can be overcome will help you come up with solutions.

3. Courage

“Courage is not the absence of fear,” Giuliani explains. Instead, it is the acknowledgement that there are risks in everything you do and being prepared to face these risks head on.

4. Relentless preparation

Risks can be faced if you are prepared for them. Good leaders ensure that they are extremely well prepared and examine all potential scenarios or risks.

5. Teamwork

The key to a great organisation is balance, according to Giuliani. So build your team with balance in mind. If you are good in specific areas and weak in others; find people that can fill the gaps and defer to their knowledge.

6. Communication

Leaders must be able to take their goals and convert them into understandable steps that people can work with to achieve your goals. Achievements must be measured, advises Giuliani. So if you are setting long-term goals, break them down into a set of shorter achievements that can be measured along the way. Metrics are key to measuring performance.

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