Keeping it local with business partnerships

It’s not just guests who benefit from the launch of hotel properties, an average-sized hotel of 115 rooms is an immense undertaking from construction to post-launch operational activities that benefits entire communities. A construction project may take over a year to complete, involving hundreds of skilled labourers and construction professionals. Once complete, a hotel will […]

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How to collect debts (and keep your customers)

Ensure healthy cash flow as well as long-term loyalty. Debt collection is a painful but necessary function. And while slow-paying customers place enormous pressure on your cash flow, you stand a very real chance of losing them as customers forever if you, or your accounts team, handle the matter badly. (more…)

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USB SBA Top Student Small Business 01 LR

Small Business Academy awards fashion entrepreneur

Pinkie Luswazi, 53, has turned her passion for design from a very young age into a thriving business in Mandalay, Cape Town and her company, Luspin Production designs, produces original lively street-style and formal ware as well as décor items with a twist of Africa in the fabric and design. (more…)

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